By using this website and every time you access a design, you are agreeing to follow and respect the following terms of use:

1. You are free to use my designs to make physical items to sell as a small homebased business.

2. No credit needed to sell items you make but it is always appreciated.

3. You are forbidden to resell, share, give away or copy the digital files to anybody, the design is for the original purchasers use only.

3.5 I regularly offer free designs so please note the same terms of use apply, just because you received a free design this does not give you the right to distribute the design to others either free or in exchange for payment. Terms of use outlined in point 3 still apply and you agree to these terms whenever you download any design from my website.

4. Resizing or modifying the file may affect the finished results and I take no responsibility for any stitch quality issues you may encounter by doing so. Modifying restrictions are not applicable to colour changes so feel free to mix it up as you wish

5. You are not allowed to modify the design by adding or removing elements to then to then attempt to sell the design as your own work. This is especially applicable to font sets, you can use the font to create words to stitch onto finished goods but you are not allowed to create an embroidery design using one of my fonts to sell digitally as your own designs, this includes adding your own elements and using the font as part of the design, the rights to the digitised font belong to me at all times and by purchasing this font you are purchasing the rights to stitch the files yourself onto physical goods, redistributing a font in a digital file is strictly forbidden and any infringement will be treated as such. I manually digitize every letter of a font set, I don’t or won’t ever use or sell auto digitized fonts so please respect the time and hard work I put into such things as a full set will take me several days’ worth of painstakingly detailed work. By manually digitizing my own fonts you can be assured that they will stitch out beautifully and give your finished goods a professional finish.  

6. If you need your order download limits reset please provide the order number where possible to save time. Unfortunately I am unable to resend any designs that you may have received for free in the past. It is your responsibility to ensure you backup your downloaded files otherwise you will need to purchase the designs at the current price displayed on the website in order to replace them. I will happily resend a previously free design if at the time of checking out the order was placed along with a purchased design or you have made additional purchases on this store in the past.